VIDEO #58 "Rage In The Cage" Jamie VS  Mad Mike


What most would call 'Hell', Jamie calls the cage home!


This Video is like the title of an AC/DC Album, “If you want blood you’ve got it”. Because that’s just what happens when the small but vicious Jamie (5’6”, 120 LBS) takes on Mad Mike (5’9”, 180 LBS) inside a cage. Jamie had challenged anyone, male or female, to take her on in a cage match and for some foolish reason Mad Mike accepted her challenge. He would soon be sorry he did as Jamie was totally prepared for him. She came with her fists taped and her rage uncontrolled! She used that rage to, as she always does, overcome being the smaller wrestler by being more vicious. Jamie ignores the rule again that Mixed Wrestling is about using submission type holds to beat your opponent. She instead would rather punch, kick and slap and does just that to Mike. And then she went even further and stared ramming his head into the cage! Then he started bleeding profusely. He tried to leave but the door on the cage was locked! Could you imagine being trapped inside a cage with a woman as vicious and uncaring as Jamie? It’s much safer to just watch Jamie be vicious in this Video for MWU Videos.


  Jamie has left Mad Mike a bloody mess




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